Truck Builder

The truck builder uses a place-anywhere system which lets you put parts together in any formation. Parts range from large structural pieces like truck cabs to smaller, more modular parts like struts and basic shapes. This means that anyone can get a fully functional truck built in just a few minutes, but it’s also possible to spend longer building your dream truck from the ground up. 


The game will include over 100 different parts, ranging from pickup chassis to lasers to rocket launchers. This allows for a virtually infinite range of player-made trucks and ensures variety in multiplayer. The game also supports modifying your truck during a match, so players can adapt on the fly to new challenges.

Level Editor


The level editor allows for extensive community-made content. A player can select a base map from our range of beautifully made terrains, and then build on it by placing parts to form their track. Parts available include pieces of race track, natural objects like rocks and mounds of dirt, and stunt ramps. This allows for a variety of game modes, from simple race maps to tricky stunt-based skill challenges. The map maker can specify settings for their map to facilitate this, including truck size guidelines and whether or not to allow weapons.


Level editing will also be supported in multiplayer when it is added, so groups of players will be able to join up to make more complicated maps, or create their own game modes on the fly.

Multiplayer (Coming Soon!)

Play online with up 8 players per game. You can play any community made track online, from race tracks to demolition derbies to stunt tracks. This means you’ll have up to 7 people to beat in a variety of ways, whether it’s blowing up their trucks or leaving them behind in the dust. The playlist system allows for drop-in drop-out play, depending on track settings.


There are also server settings to support different kinds of play, such as not allowing contact between trucks for players who just want to race, or unlimited ammo for those with an insatiable trucklust. Simply find the server with your ideal settings, or host one yourself at the click of a button.